Over 1 million signatures demanding a restoration of biodiversity & support for farmers

Across Europe, more than 1 million citizens are calling for a reduction of 80% in the use of synthetic pesticides by 2030 (and 100% by 2035); measures to restore biodiversity on agricultural land, and massive support to farmers to transition towards agroecology in the EU. These were the demands of the European Citizens Initiative (ECI), Save Bees and Farmers.

If the ECI is validated, both the European Commission and the European Parliament will be obliged to react to the citizens’ demands for a synthetic pesticide-free and bee-friendly agriculture.

The next phase will see the validation of 1,161,256 signatures. The organisers have 3 months to hand over signatures to national competent authorities for validation, the authorities then have 1 month to validate the signatures. The organisers considered the ECI would be successful if it reaches a minimum of 1.15 million signatures, with the current numbers, this implies a possible optimistic outcome for biodiversity, climate protection, and natural resources.

Why this European Citizen Initiative?

Synthetic pesticides present major risks for human health and the environment, including for bees and the farmers using them.
In its European Green Deal, the Commission vowed to increase biodiversity by, among other things, lowering pesticide use, particularly the most toxic ones. Not banning such substances would be in direct conflict with the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies’ goals, and now, with the direct request from European citizens.

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