Participate to EU Commission’s survey on EU agri-food exports via e-commerce

Are you an agri-food operator or sector organisation? The EU Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI) is completing a study on existing and potential market opportunities for EU agri-food businesses to export agri-food products via e-commerce to China. Participate to the survey until 4 May (available in multiple languages).

The Commission welcomes input from operators/sectors who do not export via e-commerce to China as well as those who do.

Replies to the survey will only be used for the mentioned study and will not be made available to the public, except in an aggregated form ensuring anonymity.

The study is funded by the European Commission with the explicit objective to support European farmers and producers – with a specific focus on organic – to better sell their products to an ever so growing market as China is and to better understand how to overcome difficulties and limits to ensure competitiveness.

The study will most certainly be published and all the stakeholders who will have supported it will be cited there.

More information is available on the survey form.

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