Policy brief outlining key points for a “Carbon Farming Scheme”

In December 2021, the European Commission presented its Communication on ‘Sustainable Carbon Cycles’, which addresses how to increase carbon sequestration and scale up carbon farming as a business model (see also our previous article).

The think tank and policy research institute IDDRI has published a policy brief outlining the key points for a “Carbon Farming Scheme” that contributes to climate mitigation and supports other objectives of the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies. The key messages are:

  • A carbon farming scheme should target a systemic transition of farming systems by adopting a multi-dimensional approach that goes beyond a focus on carbon and also considers matters like, for example, diversification of agroecosystems and/or reducing dependency on external inputs;
  • Such approach must be associated with a reduction of production and consumption of animal products in the EU;
  • Carbon farming should go beyond the farm level and also be deployed at the value chain and/or landscape level;
  • Funds should be based on a multidimensional certification framework and should be directed to support systemic and sustainable farm system transformation.

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