Postponement of the organic regulation & Organic Action Plan consultation

On 4 September 2020, important steps on two important Commission’s files were taken. Firstly, the EU Commission submitted a proposal to the EU Council and the EU Parliament to postpone the application of the New Organic Regulation (EU) 2018/848 by one year.

The new EU Organic Regulation was initially set to enter into application on 1 January 2021. Already in April 2020, IFOAM Organics Europe called on the three EU institutions asking for a one-year postponement. Part of the reasons are related to the Covid-19 pandemic putting stress on organic producers and the organic control system, making a smooth transition from the current legal framework to the new one very challenging. Before becoming official, the Commission proposal needs to be adopted by both the EU Parliament and Council, expected in October.

Secondly, the Commission launched a public consultation on the future EU Organic Action Plan. The publication of the public consultation ‘Organic farming – action plan for the development of EU organic production‘ can be seen in the context of the Farm to Fork strategy. It was announced as a tool that will “stimulate both supply and demand for organic products. It will ensure consumer trust and boost demand through promotion campaigns and green public procurement. This approach will help to reach the objective of at least 25% of the EU’s agricultural land under organic farming by 2030 and a significant increase in organic aquaculture”.

The deadline for replying to the roadmap is 23 October, while the deadline for replying to the public consultation is 27 November. In the coming weeks, IFOAM Organics Europe will mobilize its members and send them input on what elements to included when replying to the public consultation. This will allow us to advocate, as common voice, for a comprehensive and effective action plan that will contribute to the target of reaching 25% organic farming by 2030. Keep an eye on our member extranet for early access to this information (accessible by IFOAM Organics Europe members only).

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