“Wir haben es satt!” alliance : Use the election year to vote out an agricultural policy that is harmful to farmers, animals and the environment

This press release was first published by Wir Haben Es Satt!

Agriculture change alliance (“We are fed up!”) demands sustainable agriculture policy in Berlin / Footprint Action – ten thousand vote with their feet for farms, animals and the environment

Berlin, 16.01.21. Today in Berlin, around 10,000 people are demanding an agricultural transition to sustainable farming with their footprints. At the opening of super election year, the “Wir haben es satt!” alliance is bringing a sea of footprints to the Federal Chancellery in Berlin (Kanzler*innenamt). The movement for agricultural reforms is demonstrating in conformance with the pandemic for a politics which gives farms, animals and the environment a future. “Vote out the agricultural industry – kick off agricultural change” is the message in front of the official residence of Chancellor Merkel.

Saskia Richartz, “Wir haben es satt!” spokeswoman says on behalf of 60 organisations in the alliance: “cheap food is a dead end that helps neither agriculture nor consumers. Julia Klöckner is failing as agriculture minister, and is making policies at the cost of farms, animals and the environment. This agricultural policy of the CDU/CSU must be voted out. We demand: stop the loss of family farms, support barn improvements and cut back livestock numbers, phase out pesticides and reject genetic engineering and the EU-Mercosur trade deal.”

Instead of taking to the streets, around 10,000 people took part – creatively and expressively – in the footprint action from the safety of their homes: countless foot and boot prints, as well as tractor tracks have been sent to Berlin with demands. “Save insects”, “small and family-sized farms instead of agricultural deserts”, “choose manure on the shoe instead of CDU” or “freedom of movement, also for pigs” are some of the messages. Particularly spectacular: one family from Hamburg has sent demands for agricultural change from four generations – aged 3 to 93 years of age.

Ahead of the protest, a delegation of farmers with their tractors and vented their anger at 15 years failed CDU/CSU agriculture policy at a rally in front of the CDU headquarters.

Sandra Finke-Neuendorf, farmer from Blankenfelde near Berlin who rode in the tractor convoy said: “dumping prices, climate crisis and species extinction compel us all to make changes. We farmers are ready to make our contribution. We expect that minister Klöckner finally provides the necessary framework. Fair producer prices and a serious system change in agricultural policy are imperative.”


In the “Wir haben es satt!” alliance, conventional and organic farmers protest alongside civil society against the fatal consequences of intensive industrial agriculture. Collectively, the alliance demonstrates ways for a sustainable, rural agriculture, which offers more protection for the environment, animals and the climate –thereby meeting the demands of the public, as well as offering sound economic perspectives for farmers www.wir-haben-es-satt.de

Photos from the protest are available at www.wir-haben-es-satt.de/presse

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