Public consultation on the certification of carbon removals open until 02 May

The European Commission has opened a public consultation and call for evidence for the planned proposal on the certification of carbon removals. By the end of 2022, the Commission is expected to come forward with a proposal for a regulation on certifying carbon removals. including rules to monitor, report and verify the authenticity of these removals.

Feedback to the public consultation can be submitted on the European Commission’s ‘Have your say’ website until 2 May. IFOAM Organics Europe will also prepare a reply to the consultation and publish it once submitted.

In our previous feedback regarding the carbon farming initiative, we have stressed the importance of not just focussing on carbon sequestration but also considering other environmental impacts of the land use sector such as nitrate leaching into groundwater, air pollution, soil health or biodiversity loss. It is essential that carbon farming does not only deliver on increased carbon sequestration but ensures at the same time benefits for climate adaptation, biodiversity and other environmental objectives. Furthermore, the contribution of organic farming to increased carbon stocks in agricultural soils should be recognized.

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