Public consultation on the revision of the Sustainable Use of Pesticides (SUD) legislation closes

While the European Commission is revising the Directive for a sustainable use of pesticides (the so-called SUD), IFOAM Organics Europe is fully involved to promote organic agriculture as the most efficient option to reduce pesticide use.

The EU organic movement’s contribution to the public consultation…
IFOAM Organics Europe’s contribution to the public consultation on the revision of the SUD calls for prioritising organic agriculture in the Member States’ National Action Plans implemented under the directive. This will contribute to achieving the Farm to Fork strategy’s targets on pesticide reduction. As organic movement we want these targets to be enshrined in the SUD so that they become legally binding. We also call the Commission to develop a coherent set of indicators to measure pesticide reduction taking into account the specificities of organic agriculture. As the current SUD suffers from a lack of implementation by Member States, its revision should be an opportunity to consider new provisions to ensure its application on the ground.

Our members can read our full contribution to the public consultation on the member extranet.

… and our contribution to targeted interviews
In parallel, IFOAM Organics Europe is one of the key stakeholders the Commission identified to participate in more targeted interviews on the SUD. We have already provided our expertise on the evaluation of the SUD in a one-hour interview in March. In the second half of the year, we will provide input to a similar interview, this time on the impact assessment of the revised SUD.

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