Research call ‘Fostering agroecology at farm & landscape levels’ open

The new European Research & Innovation Partnership AGROECOLOGY has launched its first call “Fostering agroecology at farm and landscape levels”.

What is the Agroecology Partnership?

With 70 partners from 26 countries and regions, the partnership aims to structure and support a network of living labs and research infrastructures that will accelerate the transition towards agroecology throughout Europe. It will provide spaces for long-term, site-specific, multi-stakeholder and real-life experimentation, and direction for research activities on agroecology at the European and national levels.

The partnership wants to unlock and accelerate the transition to sustainable farming. While adopting a holistic view and vision of resilient, diverse, prosperous, climate, environmental and people friendly farming by 2050, the territorial landscape approach ensures the applicability and feasibility of solutions on the ground.

What are living labs and why support them?

Living labs are collaborative initiatives that co-create knowledge and innovations. This partnership focuses on them to speed innovation and the uptake of more sustainable agricultural practices. It will specifically engage farmers and other stakeholders in jointly developing solutions to local or regional problems while taking into account the specificities of farming systems and their environment.

Developing agroecology requires a deeper understanding of agroecosystems and their long-term interactions with nature. Throug research infrastructures dedicated to ecosystems, the partnership and this call will support research activities through providing scientific data, computing or communication systems at dedicated research sites.

Are you active or interested in participating in research and innovation for more agroecological farming? Visit the Agroecology call website for information regarding requirements, procedure and submission process. The deadline for pre-proposals is 26 April 2024, 14:00h CEST.

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