SANA exhibition in Bologna: 8-9 September, Bologna, Italy

Our Director, Eduardo Cuoco, colleagues were at the SANA exhibition in Bologna on 8-9 September to meet our Italian members and discuss the latest EU policy developments and IFOAM Organics Europe’s contributions to these.

On 8 September, Eduardo was involved in a roundtable on EU policies organized by Rivoluzione Bio. This was an occasion to discuss EU policies supporting the development of organic, like the European Organic Action Plan, and those that are hindering it, like sustainability labelling. Aside from the current EU policies, Eduardo also focused on policies for the future, like true cost accounting. In the afternoon,  he joined the Coldiretti seminar “Organic Made in Italy in Europe: agricultural development and markets”. The focus of the seminar was an analysis of the market perspectives provided to organic farmers nowadays. The following day, Eduardo gave a speech on “Digital and technology 4.0: the future of organic agriculture in Europe” during the BIOCEREAL 4.0 conference. In the speech he presented the current status quo of digitalization in organic agriculture and the perspective on the future.

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