Save the Date: GMO-Free Europe Event 2022 – 17 November

We invite you to join us for a GMO-free Europe event at the European Parliament to discuss the European Commission’s initiative to change the legislation on the approval, risk assessment and labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in food and agriculture. This event is co-organised by Save Our Seeds and IFOAM Organics Europe and hosted by the Green Group / EFA in the European Parliament.

The Commission has announced a new legislative proposal for the second quarter of 2023, which may exempt certain GMOs obtained from CRISPR-Cas and similar so-called ‘New Genomic Techniques’ from the present level of risk assessment, traceability and labeling, sidelining the precautionary principle. A strong lobby of the agro-biotech industry has succeeded to put the issue high on the political agenda of the European Commission and EU Member States.

We invite you to discuss the consequences of such a deregulation on environmental and consumer protection and on the GMO-free production chain in Europe.

Already in its Berlin Declaration 2018, the 9th Conference of GMO-free Regions stated: We want to emphasize that – in line with the ruling by the European Court of Justice – the regulation of all GMOs and methods for genetic engineering are subject to precautionary risk assessment and transparent approval procedures as well as labeling and traceability obligations under GMO legislation.

We invite a wide array of stakeholders to critically discuss the topic from scientific, economic, and political perspectives. The event brings together representatives of GMO-free Regions, scientists, farmers, producers, retailers and consumers as well as NGOs, civil servants, and politicians to take a stand on the present approach and intentions and to join the debate now.

The event will cover:

  • The impact of a deregulation on the food & farming sector and the GMO-free production chain
  • Freedom of choice between GM- and non-GM products for food producers and consumers
  • Input from the Commission, Members of the European Parliament and GMO-free Regions
  • The scientific foundations of the Commission’s initiative

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For further information: www.gmo-free-regions.org or contact: [email protected]. For help regarding the registration: [email protected] .

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