Saying goodbye to our colleagues

Verena Mitschke
IFOAM Organics Europe’s communications team is sad to say goodbye to Verena Mitschke, who is pursuing her passion in projects. We are thankful for the three years during which she was part of our team, and for her time as EVS-volunteer before that. Since January 2019, Verena was an invaluable team member who coordinated our project communication, notably the RELACS project’s communication, events communication, and expert group of organic communicators. Besides her work on this, she was also a valuable contributor to our arguments database, a driving force in maintaining and developing our IT tools, in front of and behind the screens. We thank Verena for her enthusiasm, optimism and hard work and wish her the best!

Molly Mathews
IFOAM Organics Europe is saying goodbye to our colleague Molly, who was a dedicated teammate in Events and Membership team. Molly has joined IFOAM Organics Europe back in 2019 as a EVS-volunteer, and has rapidly grown in the organization and the unit. She was closely working with IFOAM Organics Europe’s Members, Board and Council on many internal communications activities, as well as on events like European Organic Congress, Organic Food Conference, IFOAM Organics Europe Meets Business and many more.  We are very grateful for all Molly’s hard work and the wonderful new ideas she brought to us. We wish her great new challenges in the new career pursuit!

Ágnes Bruszik
The Research & Innovation Unit is saying goodbye to Ágnes Bruszik who has left IFOAM Organics Europe at the end of January. Ágnes joined IFOAM Organics Europe at the end of 2018 to coordinate the LIVESEED project. Now that LIVESEED has come to an end, she decided to explore new career options. IFOAM Organics Europe and the entire LIVESEED consortium are very thankful for the dedication and energy Ágnes has put into the project to make it successful. She managed to coordinate the hard work of 49 partners from 18 European countries and was an invaluable support to all Work Package leaders. Undoubtedly, she has raised the bar of what means efficient project management. We all wish her success and happiness in the next steps of her career.

Maria Vittoria Borghetto
Maria Vittoria joined IFOAM Organics Europe as ESC volunteer in September 2021. She worked on several topics within the policy unit. For instance, many members will have received emails from her as she was responsible for the representation of IFOAM Organics Europe in the European Commission’s Civil Dialogue Groups (CDGs). Maria Vittoria also made important contributions in terms of mapping the similarities and differences between organic and regenerative agriculture.


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