Ten NGO priorities for the European Parliament report on the Farm to Fork strategy

On 20 April, IFOAM Organics Europe was one of 24 non-governmental organisations to co-sign “10 priorities for the Farm to Fork INI report”. In this document, NGOs share their views on what the European Parliament’s own initiative report on the Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy should prioritize.

The 10 priorities identified by the signing organisations focus, among others, on translating the European Green Deal’s initiatives, targets and priorities into reality and on transitioning towards a more sustainable food system for people and the planet.

The 10 priorities are:

  1. Recognise the need for urgent and bold action
  2. Endorse the F2F strategy targets
  3. Unlock the transition to agroecology for nature and climate-friendly farming
  4. Make the healthy and sustainable food choice the easy one
  5. Launch a transition to less and better animal farming and meat, dairy and eggs consumption
  6. Align EU agri-food policies with the European Green Deal
  7. Promote precaution and farmers’ rights before technological innovation
  8. Commit to a socially just economy
  9. Step up for higher animal welfare
  10. Promote global transition

The draft Parliament report on the F2F strategy is available on the European Parliament’s website. Political parties within the European Parliament have already submitted their desired amendments to this report… more than 2,000 of them!

A vote on this European Parliament report is expected in June 2021.

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