They make it happen! A Belgian farming collective for biodiversity and preservation

Organic farming and production work with nature to achieve the best possible results for people, animals, and the planet. To inspire further change in our food and farming systems, our vision collects strategies that develop organic further and inspire others.

A perfect inspirational example is given by Froidefointaine, a Belgian farm that brings together producers, processors, and other passionate project leaders to build a unique place for food, craft, and education. It is a place where individuals can express their talents through several developmental settings, from access to land, infrastructure, finance, administrative support as well as marketing.

The farm is home to a number of sustainable producers and products, including cider, potatoes, vegetables, chickens, honey, and natural colours extracted from flowers. The farm provides visitors with a variety of high-quality organic products, educational activities, and boarding facilities. Froidefontaine practices regenerative and agroecological farming, protects natural areas, and preserves biodiversity.     

Check out their website & get inspired! You can also apply and be part of their farm with your own project. 

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