They make it happen! Get inspired by Demeter Academy and their partners’ initiative to bring organic on every table in Germany

Taking over an organic farm or setting up your own new enterprise in the organic sector can be challenging. 

In Germany, Demeter Academy and its partners offer young farmers and entrepreneurs a support programme to build organic farm business and carry on the good work!  

Whether it be knowledge, a biodynamic network, free space or legal and socio-economic support, the different modules proposed aim to offer guidance and space for mutual support in developing your own business plan, learning how to lead yourself and your enterprise and knowing what you need as a juridical and social secure base for your farm or business. 

The success of organic farming food and farming depends on their economic viability. By ensuring it to organic start-ups, this initiative helps bring organic on every table.  

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Learn more about this and other initiatives that are transforming food and farming in Europe and get inspired on euorganic2030.bio.  

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