They make it happen! Preserving land for local and agroecological farming

By 2030, we want organic on every table. We want organic and agroecological practices employed on more than half of EU farmlands. To achieve this goal, a part of our Vision 2030, organic farmers must have access to land.

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In the light of competing land uses, increasing concentration in land ownership, rising land prices and land abandonment, the European Network for Access to Land unites farmers and community led initiatives from many European countries to:

  • Strengthen practical knowledge on access to land;
  • Work towards acquiring land through crowdfunding, land trust schemes and other financial tools; and
  • Advocate for an evolution of national and EU policies and regulations on land use and management.  

Read more about this initiative on euorganic2030.bio, and share it on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Find out what other initiatives are transforming food and farming in Europe on social media using #EUorganic2030. 

Interested by access to land? Read Nyéléni Europe Food Sovereignty Movement’s Roots of Resilience: Land Policy for an Agroecological Transition in Europe and learn how agroecology and democratic land control can take root in Europe. The report is also available in English, French, Spanish and Romanian.

A collective of organisations, coming together under the banner of the Nyéléni Europe published this report. This report was co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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