TP Organics and other European Technology Platforms propose joint research & innovation priorities for a sustainable food system

The European Technology Platforms (ETPs) TP Organics, Plants for the Future, and Food for Life have jointly published a policy brief with Research & Innovation (R&I) recommendations addressing our food system’s most pressing challenges on primary production and consumer aspects.

The policy brief is a response to the European Commission’s European Green Deal and Farm to Fork strategy. The Farm to Fork Strategy is supposed to kick-start a transition towards a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system in Europe. R&I are mentioned as key drivers in accelerating this transition. The ETPs recommend focussing R&I efforts on:

  • Creating an environmental performance toolbox allowing farmers to make the best management decisions;
  • Smartly reducing pesticide use;
  • Improving consumer knowledge and choice on healthy and sustainable diets;
  • Designing diversified farming systems for diverse diets.

Bram Moeskops, Senior Scientific Coordinator at TP Organics’ said: “The Farm to Fork strategy sets out ambitious targets to reduce dependency on pesticides and antimicrobials, reduce excess fertilisation, increase organic farming, and reverse biodiversity loss. R&I investments need to be well chosen in order to minimise unfavourable trade-offs and to develop scalable solutions. That is why we have developed this policy brief.”

Amrit Nanda, Executive Manager at ‘Plants for the Future’ stated: “The R&I recommendations are meant to address the four most important challenges of our food systems, which are climate change, biodiversity loss, lack of consumer awareness and trust, and malnutrition. These are the challenges identified in our policy brief and they are also put forward by the Farm-to-Fork Strategy.”

Jonas Lazaro-Mojica, Manager Food Policy, Science and R&D at ‘Food for Life’, added: “I am proud that we could agree with the three ETPs on a common list of policy recommendations for R&I, which are focused on primary production and consumer aspects. Given the challenges that lie ahead of us, joint action is needed. We need to focus on common solutions rather than dilute our efforts by differences in opinion.”

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TP Organics is one of the 40 European Technology Platforms (ETPs), recognised by the European Commission. IFOAM Organics Europe hosts its Secretariat.

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