Why is it important to save the bees and farmers? Watch this video

As part of their ongoing campaign, the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) ‘Save bees and farmers!’ has released a set of animation videos in different languages. In these videos, you’ll learn why it is crucial to sign and share the petition calling on the European Commission to introduce the necessary legal framework and sufficient economic incentives for the transition to a sustainable agriculture model.

The ECI wants to phase out synthetic pesticides by 2035, support farmers and save bees and nature. Organic farming, a model based on health, ecology, fairness and care for farmers, environment, animals and consumers, is one of the alternative to transform food and farming.

Leading United Nations scientists raised the alarm years ago: biodiversity loss is threatening the global food supply. Faced with climate change, insects extinction and inequality, we need, now more than ever, a renewed and sustainable agricultural system. Do you want to prevent the global collapse of biodiversity, bring about this transition and not leave the transformation to future generations? Support the initiative by signing the petition on savebeesandfarmers.eu. Have you signed already? Share it on social media using #SaveBeesAndFarmers, and/or share one of the ECI’s posts on Twitter and Facebook

If the initiative gathers one million signatures by the end of March 2021, the EU Commission and Parliament must consider turning the campaign’s demands into law. [1]

A cross-sector alliance of civil society organisations covering the environment, health, farming and beekeeping runs this campaign. Among others the European networks Friends of the Earth Europe, Pesticide Action Network (PAN) as well as the Munich Environmental Institute, the Aurelia foundation (Germany), Générations Futures (France) and GLOBAL 2000/Friends of the Earth Austria.

[1] www.savebeesandfarmers.eu

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