Forests and other ecosystems are under pressure worldwide: destructive agriculture in particular is eating up our forests. European consumption is a key driver of tropical deforestation and ecosystem destruction around the world. At the moment, there is nothing that stops products linked to deforestation ending up on the market and on our supermarket shelves all across the EU, fueling biodiversity loss, climate change and human rights violations. With the launch of the European Commission’s public consultation on the assessment of additional legislative and non-legislative measures to address deforestation, we have a unique opportunity to get into action and mobilise citizens to take part in this.

The European Commission presented a number of actions to address the EU’s role in deforestation in 2019. One of these actions is the assessment of new legislation. We have an opportunity to make a difference through our participation in the Commission’s public consultation. This consultation can send a clear signal to the Commission – reducing the impact of products placed on the EU market on forests and other ecosystems and on those depending on them.

We have a once in a lifetime occasion to stop products that are linked to deforestation, forest degradation and ecosystem conversion or degradation from entering the EU market, as well as to stop the human rights violations linked to it. This way, we’ll protect not only the world’s last remaining forests but also savannahs, peatlands and other unique places that are being destroyed for EU consumption. We will show that citizens care about this.

IFOAM Organics Europe actively participates in #Together4Forests. The aim of the campaing is simple: to mobilise thousands of citizens across the world to stand up for the world’s forests, grasslands and savannahs and call on the EU to pass binding legislation that protects these ecosystems by promoting deforestation-free supply chains.

The EU’s public consultation is the only opportunity for citizens and civil society to make their voice heard in this debate. If a critical mass of people were to take part in the public consultation and stand up for this law, it could be a game changer in the fight to protect the world’s forest and other ecosystems.

Join the fight, visit www.togetherforforests.eu

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