GMOs – An easy breakdown on common myths 

Global grassroots organization Slow Food International has recently published a short myth-busting article with the most common, but wrong and…

November newsletter: SUR, GMO-free event, and more!

Two weeks ago, we published our November newsletter and it’s rich in updates and information on the hottest organic topics!…

Agreement on new deforestation law

EU consumption is responsible for around 10% of global deforestation. In the beginning of December, the Council and European Parliament…

Welcome note November 2022

Dear reader,  I am happy to welcome you to this year’s last edition of our newsletter. I am proud to…
Events GMOs

GMO-free Europe Event held at the European Parliament to take a stand discuss the European Commission's new NGT legislative proposal

The European Commission announced a new legislative proposal for so-called ‘Novel Genomic Techniques’ in the second quarter of 2023. This…

NGOs demand adequate methodologies in upcoming legal proposal on green claims– also for apparel & footwear 

The European Commission’s is working on an upcoming legislative proposal to help justify (‘substantiate’) green claims and prevent greenwashing. However,…

Organic movement responds to public consultation on Soil Health Law 

Soil health is a cornerstone of organic farming and common organic farming practices improve actively soil quality. Healthy soils are…

The scientists behind the GMO deregulation lobby – A story of vested interests

Many scientists currently active in agricultural biotechnology who lobby for deregulating so-called ‘new genomic techniques’ (NGTs) in the European Union…

Add your signature – Support these EU-wide petitions to stop attempts to deregulate new GMOs 

The European Commission is working on a new legislative proposal for ‘New Genomic Techniques’ (NGTs). We expect this to be…
Events GMOs

Save the Date: GMO-Free Europe Event 2022 - 17 November

We invite you to join us for a GMO-free Europe event at the European Parliament to discuss the European Commission’s…

Worrying step to deregulating GMOs: EU Agriculture Commissioner says “no controversy about direction” among EU Agricultural Ministers

The recent Informal meeting of the EU Ministers of Agriculture set a worrying tone for the political agenda regarding Genetically…

Public consultation on Soil Health Law is open

The European Commission has opened a public consultation on the Soil Health Law to which everyone can submit feedback until…

New position paper on organic textiles in a context of strong political momentum 

IFOAM Organics Europe published its revised position paper Organic textiles – Protecting the credibility of the organic label. The publication…

June newsletter: measuring pesticides, new GMOs, and more!

We just published our June newsletter and it’s rich in updates and information on the hottest organic topics! Not sure…

Public consultation on new genomic techniques still ongoing + Member briefing

The 12-weeks consultation period of the European Commission in the context of the Impact Assessment for new legislation for ‘New…

The importance of an organic label for textiles

What is the issue with textiles?The organic textile market is rapidly growing and the textile industry may be victim of…
Soil Water

Nature restoration law is published

On 22 June the European Commission published the proposal of a Nature Restoration Law together with the Sustainable Use of…

Alternatives to contentious input in organic - Heritage of RELACS project

The RELACS project developed and researched alternatives to contentious inputs in organic crop production – copper and mineral oils, nutrient…

EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles: Shortcomings and promises

On 30 March, the European Commission published its strategy for sustainable and circular textiles. This strategy is part of the…

Wrapping up the RELACS project: Policy roadmaps, videos & other publications

The RELACS project, which aims at finding alternatives to contentious inputs in organic farming, came to an end on 29…

Commission opens public consultation on new legislation for new genetic engineering techniques

The EU Commission launched a 12-weeks consultation period in the context of the Impact Assessment for new legislation for ‘New…

No risk assessment and labelling for eggs and hens of genetically modified origin?

Following an EU Commission statement, it can be concluded that eggs and laying hens that originate from genetically engineered hens…

New GMOs: What’s next for Europe & state-of-play legislative process

As covered in previous editions of our newsletter, the European Commission has been moving forward with plans to create a…

New tools and practices for organic dairy sector from the NEFERTITI project

Looking for inspiration for improving organic dairy farming? Check out the new videos from the NEFERTITI project that showcase tools…
Animal welfare

Feedback to the public consultation on animal welfare

The European Commission launched a public consultation on the revision of the EU legislation on animal welfare. IFOAM Organics Europe…
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