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Making organic products in sustainable public procurement happen

Organic products in public procurement can play a key role in making the target of 25% of organic land by…

Plant health care in organic farming - The role of natural substances in a biodiversity-based system approach

One of organic agriculture’s defining traits is its approach towards plant health care, relying mainly on preventive and indirect measures…

LIVESEED - Boosting organic seed and plant breeding across Europe

Seeds are the foundation of farming. Therefore, organic production should start with organic seed. Applying organic seed is mandatory according…

All techniques of genetic modification must be regulated

Organic farming is GMO-free per definition but is endangered by the development of new techniques of genetic modification. If their…

Keeping GMOs out of organic - Project presentation August 2018-2020

The project ‘Keeping GMOs out of organic’ was developed in 2018 and revised in August 2018, after the adoption of…

SOLMACC - Advocacy leaflet

Institute: Ekologiska Landbrukarna, FiBL , Bioland, AIAb and IFOAM EU 

SOLMACC – Viable climate-friendly farming – Socio-economic strategies

Institute: Ekologiska Landbrukarna, FiBL , Bioland, AIAb and IFOAM EU – Authors: Sigrid Griese (Bioland), Lin Bautze (FiBL), Ann-Kathrin Trappenberg (IFOAM EU), Stephen Meredith (IFOAM EU), Eric Gall (IFOAM EU) and…
Position papers
Animal welfare

IFOAM Organics Europe’s position paper on animal welfare practices and labelling

Explore our latest position paper outlining the status quo of organic farming’s view on animal welfare and current challenges in…

Management of Pesticide Residues in Organic Products

Read this Position Paper in ENGLISH – BULGARIAN In Europe (and worldwide), we currently largely rely on conventional agricultural systems,…

Recommendations regarding the Integrated Nutrient Management Action Plan (INMAP)

Recommendations regarding the Integrated Nutrient Management Action Plan (INMAP) In this paper, IFOAM Organics Europe recalls the benefits of organic…

IFOAM Organics Europe’s recommendations on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Regulation (SUR)

Read this Position Paper in ENGLISH – BULGARIAN IFOAM Organics Europe welcomes the European Commission’s proposal on the revision of…
Food policy

Position paper on sustainability labelling & the Planet-score 

IFOAM Organics Europe supports fighting greenwashing by substantiating green claims and supports the European Commission’s intention to increase visibility of…

Position Paper on the review of EU rules on Plant Reproductive Material

Harnessing the potential of cultivated plant diversity for sustainable agriculture. The organic movement welcomes the plans of the Commission to…

Organic textiles - Protecting the credibility of the organic label

In the European Union (EU), the use of the term “organic” in relation to textiles is not protected the same…
Climate change

Position paper on carbon farming and the revision of the LULUCF Regulation

Finding synergies between climate action and biodiversity protection. The organic movement welcomes the ‘Sustainable Carbon Cycles’ initiative of the European…
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