Read our new leaflet on plant health care in organic farming

Have you ever heard of all the preventive plant protection measures implemented by organic farmers to produce food without using…

They make it happen! Get inspired by ETHIQUABLE’s sustainable code of conduct

In 17 years of presence on the ground, Ethiquable measures how dedicated fair trade is able to provide an answer…

Do you contribute to transforming European food and farming? Submit your initiative & inspire!

A variety of organic and other initiatives are already revolutionizing food and farming across Europe, paving the way for the…

Share with us your organic initiative and inspire others to transform food and farming systems!

The European organic movement’s vision is transforming food and farming in Europe. To achieve this ambitious and shared Vision for…

They make it happen! Playing a key role in the value chain: Transilvania Acasă

Organic food & farming systems aim a developing and adopting new tools to create transparency from farm to fork and…

Over 1 million signatures demanding a restoration of biodiversity & support for farmers

Across Europe, more than 1 million citizens are calling for a reduction of 80% in the use of synthetic pesticides…

Sign ‘save bees and farmers’ before 30 September!

In case you have not signed the European Citizens’ Initiative to ‘Save bees and farmers’ yet, you can still do…

Only few days left to sign the European Citizens’ Initiative to save bees and farmers!

To those in our network who have not signed the European Citizens’ Initiative to ‘Save bees and farmers’ yet, you…

How can EU policies consider organic farming’s benefits for biodiversity?

IFOAM Organics Europe recently published a new report highlighting the contribution of organic farming to protecting Europe’s biodiversity. By setting…

Help us show that organic is a front-runner in transforming food & farming

To make our shared Vision for organic in 2030 a reality, we collect European initiatives that are transforming EU food…

They make it happen! Improving biodiversity with flower strip in orchards

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) the current biodiversity loss we are witnessing is “the greatest…

Comics showing why industrial agriculture is broken

In May 2020, the EU released its Biodiversity and Farm to Fork strategies as part of the European Green Deal.…

Beekeepers and civil society concerned about pesticide risk assessment methodology

At the Agriculture and Fisheries (AGRIFISH) Council on 28-29 June, Member State representatives will vote on a crucial step for…

IPBES and IPCC call to prioritize solutions benefiting both biodiversity and climate

On 10 June 2021, scientist and leading experts from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) and…

Organic is Part of the Solution in Ensuring Biodiversity

This article was first published by IFOAM Organics International on their blog ‘Organic without boundaries‘. Each and every animal, microorganism…

They make it happen! Preserving land for local and agroecological farming

By 2030, we want organic on every table. We want organic and agroecological practices employed on more than half of…

Our members can now provide feedback to our new internal strategy

We are working on our new internal strategy. To make sure you, our membership, have a say in this, we…

Sign the European Citizens’ Initiative to save bees and farmers!

To all our members, newsletter subscribers & website visitors who have not signed the European Citizens’ Initiative to ‘Save bees…

They make it happen! Making good food the easy choice for everyone

Organic contributes to promoting and delivering healthy and sustainable diets. This is part of our Vision 2030 set out and…

Towards a new framework for EU soils?

Soil is a non-renewable resource key to all growing and living on it. Part of the EU Biodiversity strategy for…

European Commission’s Soil Strategy

Healthy soils are essential to meet climate and biodiversity goals set by the European Green Deal. As part of the…

Help us save bees and farmers - sign the petition to transform Europe’s food and farming systems now!

Do you want to help save bees and farmers? Then add your signature to The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) before…

Do you have an initiative making Europe more organic? Share it with us and inspire others to transform food and farming systems!

Making Europe more organic has always been the European organic movement’s mission. Working towards this goal means leading change, believing…

They make it happen! Generating added value through an organic grass-fed beef quality scheme

By 2030, the European organic movement wants a fair distribution of value and power in the food supply chain, and…

Are you making Europe more organic? Share your initiative transforming food and farming systems with us and inspire others!

The organic movement is a front-runner when it comes to setting the stage for fair, environmentally conscious, healthy and caring…
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